©2014 Toshi Onuki

Proposal for

San Francisco Art Institute






Proposed piece was an site specific installation about an unique architectural situation e found at SFAI, L Shaped hallway which leads to Men's and Women's bathroom located on the side.


I proposed to build an artificial wall 132" x 48" x 3" with a cut out 22"x70" to frame Men's door. I hoped that long hallway becomes like a frame to alter the perspective and to create an illusion that only men's door exists in the hallway.


The piece is made for the people who use either of both bathrooms and go by the hallway.  The hallway functions only for the bathrooms.  This is an architectural device which requires the movements of the people.  Spectators can enter the work through the entrance of the hallway.  They will draw certain movements such as Men walk straight and use the front door while , Women turn in the hallway and use the side door.  After a time, each audience will be more aware of this visual movements and develop their own group identity as "the Men" and "The Woman"